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Committed to helping you make smart financial decisions

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Committed to helping you make smart financial decisions

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At TD Ameritrade, we believe knowledge is your best asset. Which is why we offer videos, articles, and more to help you on your journey to become an even smarter investor. In celebration of Financial Literacy Month, check out a few of our personal finance resources. Open an account and gain access to even more content, and a personalized experience curated just for you.

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How to Manage Your Money: Six Principles of Personal Finance

Video | Learn about the principles that can impact your finances in a major way.

Saving and budgeting strategies for you

Building saving and budgeting strategies? We have the actionable tools and tips to help get you there.

How to Prioritize Your Savings

Video | What should be your top priority when saving money? This step-by-step savings strategy can help guide your savings goals.

Have your credit and debt work for you

Learn how to improve your credit score and implement strategies to reduce your debt.

Good or Bad: What Type Of Debt Is On Your Balance Sheet?

Article | Learn to be smart about debt by reducing high-interest loans while borrowing to invest in your future.

Buy or Lease? Choosing the Better Investment for a New Car

Article | Each option has its pros and cons, and it’s important to understand them in the context of your savings goals.

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Is Buying a Home a Good Investment?

Video | Learn how homeownership stacks up against other investment types.

The cost of college

Saving for college can be stressful, we’ll help you learn how to alleviate the costs of higher education, by investing in college saving plans and reducing student loan debt.

Student Debt: Is College Worth It?

Video | Education can be one of the best investments you make—but also one of the most costly. Learn how to evaluate the true cost of higher education.

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College Savings Plans 101: Common Questions Answered

Article | What are 529 and Coverdell plans and what’s the right one for your family?

Get to the details about taxes

If taxes seem daunting, we can help make the process more transparent and clear. Understand income taxes and how to help your portfolio grow faster with tax-efficient investing. 

How Do Tax Brackets Actually Work?

Video| Will a raise push you into a higher tax bracket? We’ll dispel some common myths and explain how income taxes actually work.

Insurance: Why is it important?

Whether you're still working or retired, prioritize your financial well-being by maximizing insurance benefits and
understanding your investment choices.

Five Questions to Help Make the Most of Your Employee Benefits

Article | Between health care, life insurance, and retirement plans, there are a lot of important decisions to make to maximize your benefits.

Estate Planning: It's for everyone

Learn about the importance of estate planning, how to smoothly transfer a family's knowledge, and the process of naming your beneficiaries.

Estate Planning at Any Age: It’s Not Just for the Wealthy

Article | Think only rich people need to worry about their estate? How to avoid leaving behind a long, expensive hassle for your family.

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Tips for Your Family's Smooth Financial Knowledge Transfer

Four Simple Steps for Naming Beneficiaries and Why It Matters

Article | If you don’t decide how to distribute your assets, the state will do it for you, and the outcome may not be what you intended.

The world of investing is waiting

When it comes to investing, it’s all about balancing your returns and risk. Our resources are designed to help you pursue your goals.

The Five Simple Rules of Investing

Video | Investing doesn’t have to be intimidating. With these five rules, you’ll be able to start building a long-term portfolio.

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Learn to Invest: Your Goals, Objectives, and Investment Products

Article | Everyone wants to see their money grow, but it’s important to figure out what investments best match your goals and tolerance for risk.

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Promoting financial empowerment—one young person at a time

From today’s traders to tomorrow’s investors, we’re committed to helping everyone make smarter financial decisions. That’s why we’ve collaborated with National 4-H Council to develop research-backed financial literacy resources to teach kids aged 8 to 13 the foundational planning skills and behaviors needed to prosper in life.

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